Wednesday, February 11, 2009

moving on up....

this blog is moving HERE !

please update your feed links and i hope to see and hear from you on the flip side :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

daily dose o'mady

the teething days....freezepops to the rescue...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

BOMF asking for help...

From the founder of Back on My Feet:

BOMF has a job opening that is a perfect fit for one of our members – Isaac Lincoln, Sr. Isaac’s job would entail managing all of our merchandise, inventory and incentives as well as be responsible for selling BOMF shirts, which is steady revenue for the organization. BOMF is growing at an extraordinary rate – we currently have 6 teams with 112 members and are adding 30 new members per month and a new team every two months…and this is just in Philadelphia. Many of you know that we are launching our pilot program in Baltimore in March, which is also keeping us extra busy. This position was not projected in our budget for 2009, but it’s very apparent that adding another team member is necessary to keep the BOMF sustainable and moving forward. Nothing would make me happier than for this position to be filled by one of our members who has earned this opportunity by demonstrating extraordinary character and impressive work ethic.

However, to do this – we have to raise the extra funds to pay for Isaac and this is where I’m asking for help. We have created a specific campaign to raise the money to hire Isaac, which you can see here- I know everyone’s budget is different, but if we all help just a little, we’ll get there one dollar at a time.

Thanks very much for considering this and have a great weekend


From me: Every penny counts. I've met Isaac personally and he's a great man who is literally getting back on his feet. Please help if you're able.

bridal's choice award...

2009 keeps getting better and better....

WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, just announced that John Waire Photography has won a 2009 Bride’s Choice Award™!

In its inaugural year, the Bride’s Choice Awards recognizes and honors vendors from the WeddingWire Network that demonstrate excellent quality of service, responsiveness, professionalism, value of cost and flexibility. This year’s recipients represent the top three percent of WeddingWire’s vendor community, which includes over 100,000 wedding vendors from across the US.

Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the company, the Bride’s Choice Awards are determined exclusively by recent newlyweds through surveys and reviews.

“We are excited to launch this annual award program to honor high-performing vendors based solely on the experiences of our WeddingWire community,” according to Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “This year’s recipients have set the bar high, exhibiting excellent service and expertise in the wedding industry.”

I would like to thank my past clients for speaking on my behalf and helping me win the 2009 Bride’s Choice Award! This is really awesome! Thank you!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

daily dose o'mady...

...i can't compete with dora the explorer.

thank you...

it's not everyday that i get something in the mail other than bills. imagine my surprise to open this incredibly awesome thank you from katie & chris! wow. thank you both....for the thank you :) is that proper etiquette? :)

james we come...

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