Thursday, December 4, 2008

the end of an era...

As I write this post I'm very sad. The state of my world is dramatically different. Changed forever.

As many of you know (perhaps not) I do have a day job. My photo career continues to blossom and may one day take over...but until then...I have a day job.

Cuts are eminent. We don't know when...but rest assured...they are coming. Our company is in the news -- the live, late-breaking, sound bite. Internally, there is chatter everywhere. Hallway meetings. People fear for their jobs. We wait. We listen. We try to work. We attempt to focus. We wait. We listen.

We wonder what happened. We wonder what we will do if we fall victim to the hatchet. We wonder how dramatically different our lives could become. What jobs exist out there in this economy? How will the bills be paid? How will we ultimately provide?

Whether I survive or not...I'm sad. The sense of loss is palpable. The surreal feeling is numbing.

These are sad times. It's the end of an era.


Puji Raharjo said...

Good Post, happy blogging

CaraBee said...

Ever since your company came under the harsh spotlight a few months ago, we have watched with sadness and concern, wondering how it would affect you and yours. Keeping our fingers crossed for you.

PS - Kind of a weird comment above, yes?

john said...

thanks cara. it has been (and continues to be) pretty stressful. we're keeping our fingers crossed, reviewing options and ultimately hoping for the best. keep the photo marketing/referrals coming :)

hard to interpret the 1st comment. i could have deleted it...but in some way i'm always excited to get comments :)

Michael said...

John - I feel your pain. Like you said it is very hard to focus going into work each day hoping your badge will let you in the door. The main thing that I will miss most from work are the friendships that I have made over the 4.5+ years with my fellow co-workers.

You are one of those relationships...but I know your drive and ambitious nature will propel you through these difficult times.

Think of it this way...1 more excuse to ginny up right? :)

Should be an interesting day tomorrow to see what happens.

john said...

day by day my friend.

sheila said...

I feel your pain. I'm watching a company that we've built over the last 12 years just regress and regress. The service/maintenance business is getting hit hard, always one of the first to make cuts.

In a strange way, I always look at this kinda stuff like....sometimes you just need a push (or a big smack in the head) to get onto the road of life that you're destined to be on. Maybe yours is fulltime photography.

Of course how weird is it that the whole country is getting a big collective smack in the head right now?

Good luck to you. I'm sure everything will work out fine. You'll find your path. :o)

john said...

thanks sheila. there's some comfort to be drawn from the fact that we're not alone. this those before it...will cycle thru. hopefully sooner than later.