Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stoneleigh Stampede 5K

The results are in. A combination walk/jog landed me in 249th place. 41 minutes, 3 seconds (2 seconds behind Sara). I'm happy to say I completed the 5K. It was a grueling start, but after the ole legs got warmed up...I actually felt pretty good. I pushed Mady in the jogging stroller, as Sara and I did our best to keep the pack in our sights. Neighbors cheered us on at each turn.

Crossing the finish line, we were happy to catch up with our sponsors...Rita's Italian Ice and Smoothie King. Man that's good schtuff after a race.

I realized a few things that day...

  • I'm really lucky to live in such a great neighborhood. We live in an historic home, surrounded by big beautiful trees and great people. A community pool provides a central gathering place to catch up, relax and let the kids run wild. Places like this are hard to come by these days.
  • I love my family more and more each day. Participating in the race with them was beyond cool. It was Mady's first race...as well as my own. This is likely one of many traditions that we'll be adding to our list.
  • Lastly, I'm out of shape. I need to get off my 35 year old ass and get cracking.

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Anonymous said...

249 out of 277 is not too bad :)