Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ethel & patrick, engaged!

I met Ethel at a wedding I shot back in mid-October by Dupont Circle. Note to self...finish editing Katie & Christian's wedding BEFORE they head to Mexico. She approached me during the reception, asked for a business card and the rest is history.

This past weekend, I met Ethel & Patrick at their home in Washington DC. We took a casual stroll thru their beautiful neighborhood on a perfect Saturday afternoon...minutes from the Capital Building. Temps were in the 70s. There were a few times that I think my suggestions for locations were met with eyes that said "Really John?"...but I'm hopeful Ethel & Patrick will agree that this session turned out great. They'll never look at back alleys the same way again :)

Thanks so much for inviting me into your home and life. I wish you both the very best!!

Some photos from the day....


sheila said...

OMG, I just came here from your homeless person blog. VERYYYYY nice. These two people, however, look like they are actors doing a magazine shoot. I was trying to keep my favorites in my head as I was looking through.

First I really liked the one infront of the brick building, both looking up to the side. COOL.

BUT THEN.......OMG, at the end part, the one with the back to back infront of that white (tall) building? FA-BUL-OUS! And then end laying on the grass next to each other, head to head? Awesome!

Too bad you didn't live in the cleveland daughter had her pics (senior year) done. Although I'm very happy and they look great, it looks like you have an extraordinary unique style!
Nice work!
(so are they actors or regular people?)

john said...

hey sheila! thanks so much for checking out this blog and for the great comments. that really makes my friday morning :)

ethel and patrick are not actors...but they definitely could be. they're an awesome couple, full of love and big smiles. the words "picture perfect" come to mind.

i may be located in baltimore...but i'm definitely willing/able to travel. keep that in the back of your mind if there's ever a need :) sara, mady and i would make a road trip of it.

The Glen's said...

I have to be honest and say that I was having second thoughts about the whole idea of having engagement photos taken. Don't get me wrong, it sounded really nice in the abstract, and I also trusted John's abilities after seeing him work at a friend's wedding, but I had never done a photo shoot before and was feeling nervous and uneasy with the idea of posing in front of a camera in public! However, the uneasy feelings went away almost immediately after meeting John for a stroll around our home - he was fantastic and somehow was able to camouflage himself and just let us be ourselves.

John has a gift of capturing the real side of people and a genuine passion for photography. We had such a good time with him just walking around our neighborhood, talking, and observing him work. I personally enjoyed seeing his eyes opening like big plates each time that he found the perfect angle or spot for a photo! I just remember him saying "trust me" and we followed his lead (not without making a little fun of him) but he was so right! After seeing the photos he took, the joke is on us : )

I couldn't be happier with the results!! And, as John was right in saying, we will never see alleys in the same way again!

Not only are you a professional, we loved the fact that you are a family man and adore two beautiful women in your life. It was great getting to know you and we look forward to sharing many more important steps in our life with you and your camera. Thanks for giving us photos that we can treasure for many years to come!

The Glen's said...

Thank you for such nice comments : )))) We definitely felt like super stars thanks to John!!

Sara said...

wow, you really posted all 30 something photos! as i've said again and again, you really stress yourself for nothing. you have a wonderful eye and its evident in the positive responses you've gotten from all of your clients. as your wife, i wish your arms were like gumby's so you could somehow manage to take photos for our family. also, i wish that the photographers that you contacted to take photos for us would be as responsive and personal as you are to all of your clients. yes, i may sound like a biased wife, but i am more and more proud of you when i see your photos. i'm also very jealouse because the photos rock!!!!

best of luck to you ethel & patrick!!!

john said...

ethel & patrick...i really appreciate your comments. i smiled big time and feel really good knowing that i provided you with images that you're happy with. that's my goal on every shoot. as result...i always attempt to raise the bar.

sara...your support is everything and more. i got a little choked up reading your words. thank you sweetheart!

Taryn said...

Ethel, I loved the pictures the photographer is just amaizing, you should bring him to your wedding in Cancun hehe

Anonymous said...

you're a great photographer.. congratulations.

Anonymous said...

anonymous is:ethel's cousin (mexico)

john said...

thank you ethel's cousin :)