Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last Sunday, I had a lifestyle shoot with Maggie. I felt a little bad about the 1PM start time...realizing that it coincided with the Raven's game...but after seeing the results, I think I was given a "get of jail free" card. Sorry Larry!

I was forewarned that Maggie was a ball of energy and that I would be arriving after her morning nap. Luck had it that Maggie didn't have her routine she was pretty mellow. Shy Maggie lasted for about 10 minutes...then it was like the camera didn't exist. Too much fun!

Kristyn & Larry....thanks for allowing me to capture your little girl. She is truly awesome and you both are really great. I felt very welcomed and may have to take you up on that beer at a later date :)

Hope you like the preview of what's to come....


robynjkrastel said...

thank you for the most beautiful pictures of my favorite little girl in the whole world!

-maggie's aunt robyn

john said...

you are very welcome robyn. really glad that you like them :)

Anonymous said...

John the pictures are phomonenal! I love the partial colored ones the best! Keep up the great work. Mom

kristyn dawson said...

My facebook page is lighting up with all the comments about these photos. Now there is no denying that this kid is gorgeous :), but these pics capture the essence that is Maggie. We are beyond ecstatic and cannot thank you enough!
Kristyn and Larry

john said...

thanks so much! nothing makes me smile more than happy clients.

maggie IS gorgeous. she made things pretty easy on my part.