Thursday, August 7, 2008

Allison & Newy

I've known Newy since we were kids. Like most people from my youth, I've lost touch over the years as people go off to college, establish their career, meet the love of their life and start a family. It had probably been a little over 2 years (maybe more) since we had last spoke when I received the call. Newy was well. He had met a girl. Her name was Allison. She was living with him. They were engaged. He was happy. Was I still doing photography? Could I shoot their wedding? And just like that, I was reunited with an old friend.

At the Bachelor party in June, it was the high school reunion I never attended. Friends from the past. Familiar faces from the bar scene. Food. Beer. Conversation. Entertainment. Nostalgic to me in many ways. Everyone looked the same...yet we wore the faces of older men -- grey hair, thinning hair, no hair, and even some wrinkles. Marriages. Kids. Divorces. New jobs. Our smiles took us back to a time when we had little to no responsibilities. One look at the clock, and the reality of a wife and daughter at home and a late night on my hands...shook me sober. Bye bye Barn. Time to get home.

Allison & Newy searched for the perfect venue to celebrate their day. In the end, they found the ideal waterfront location....Northeast River Yacht Club. We squeezed in an early shoot at a local park, seeking out shade whenever we could to escape the brutal heat. Fortunately, a nice breeze settled in, cooling things down for a beautiful ceremony under a tree by the water.

Allison and Newy, I'm so happy for you. You are the best! It was so great to witness your marriage and extra special to have been the one who documented it. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day. Newy, the times we've shared....well, you know as well as I -- they have been awesome. The best are yet to come.

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