Sunday, August 17, 2008


For the longest time, I've been wanting to do more street photography. I live in the perfect city to capture some pretty intense, real-life, gritty scenes. I've struggled to find the time, as well as assure Sara that I'll be safe and no harm will come my way -- that's my plan anyway.

I live about 10 miles from my day job. Yes, to those who don't is not my full time gig. Each morning and afternoon, I join the commuting world to make my way to the office. Back and forth. Back and forth again. When you do something repetitive enough, it can become very mindless. You can drift away...listening to morning talk radio or a favorite CD, sipping coffee or possibly finishing up breakfast...and then, poof, you're at your desk. Back in the saddle again.

You can also take pause on your commute and notice the details. Familiar cars/drivers. Favorite parking places. There's the guy who drives like an idiot, who I infuriate by driving slowly. There's the woman I usually zip around. A nose picker. Someone putting their make-up on. People waiting for the bus. Tired faces. Angry faces. Blank faces. Few happy ones at the time I'm getting in.

You may also notice a familiar street person. Ahh...he's working this corner today. New sign. New tactics -- waving at cars with one hand, cigarette in the other hand. I see these faces day in and day out. Some days I'll offer some change or a few dollars. Other days, I'll sit in my car with my imaginary blinders on...staring forward as if I don't realize there's a person in need outside my window. It's tough.

What caused this person to be on the streets? Where are their family and friends? Are they mentally ill and possibly in need of medication? Are their claims legitimate or are they con artists? Are they drug addicts? If they can come to this corner daily...why can't they hold a job? I can't answer any of these questions about the people that I see -- but I hope to find out.

My concept is called Drive-by Shootings. I figured the name was appropriate for a city that usually carries one of the highest murder rates. A play on words -- hopefully you don't think it's in poor taste -- but I wanted something different.

On most days, I plan to have my camera on my lap as I commute to and from work. I'm going to document the random people/things that I encounter during my drive. If anything, you'll get to experience what I see -- good, bad, funny, gruesome....sad. I want to document it all. There are so many details around all of us. People we may never notice, or who we always notice and never fully acknowledge. We all live in our own worlds after all. Everyone now and again, we cross paths -- sometimes every day.

This is my attempt at street photography. I hope you like it.

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SBWaire said...

I love the concept. Good luck!