Monday, August 4, 2008


Every time I say (or see) the word Utica, I can't help but think of the episode of The Office where they visited the Utica branch. I can hear them now...U-TI-CA...U-TI-CA. Too funny.

Sara's folks live there. We visited this past weekend to celebrate Mady's 1st birthday (early)...Utica-style, or should I say...Cambodian-style. Lots of family. Lots of food. And yes, oh yes...lots of alcohol as well. I usually feel about 10 pounds heavier when I leave.

My rents joined us for this trip and got a firsthand experience of the lovely Pennsylvania highway system. 10 mile stretches of single lane driving due to road construction. It was awful. I LOVE ROUTE 81. It doesn't help that my Dad shares the same level of frustration with traffic and unconscious drivers -- we really egged each other on. By the time we arrived...I was ready for a drink.

A trip to Utica would not be complete without tomato pie. We scarfed down 2 larges pies during our visit.... courtesy of Daniele's Restaurant. So so good. Bory manned the grill on Saturday (poor guy)...but I did my best to ensure that he remained hydrated -- strike that -- dehydrated.

Mady's schedule was off most of the weekend. She had big bags under her eyes a majority of the time...but she was happy to see her Utica family. She loves her Yeay & Ta...Khmer for grandmother & grandfather. Her face really lights up.

It's so hard to believe that our little girl will be turning 1. She's not so little anymore. Walking all over the place. Babbling about this and that. As her Dad, it's exciting and sad at the same time. I love her so much. These are bitter sweet times...

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SBWaire said...

What a trip! Bittersweet moments indeed...