Sunday, July 6, 2008

Max & Colin

Saturday, I got to shoot my first Greek Orthodox baptism downtown on Preston Street. Our neighbor's twin boys...Max & Colin...were in for an experience (and so was I). I felt pretty special being part of this event. It was an intimate gathering of about 35 people. Each boy was rubbed with oil, immersed in a cauldron full of water, had their hair cut (representing their first offering to the church) and received communion.

Too many smiles to count. These 2 little guys did great. Max was bright-eyed and inquisitive as ever. Colin was sleeping until it was his turn. Friends and family shared their congratulations after the ceremony and continued the celebration at a local restaurant.

The lighting in the church proved to be a huge challenge for me. Note to self....take notes :) A few snapshots....

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SBWaire said...

You are your own worse critic. I think you got some great shots!