Thursday, July 3, 2008

Round 2

There is absolutely NEVER a dull moment in my life...I experienced another round of tachycardia yesterday. Round 2. It happened around 12:30...after lunch. I felt it coming on, walked over to my boss (Pat), told her I was feeling like I did on Friday -- Please call Sara, I'm headed into the conference room to break this thing. I was able to hold my breath, bear down and get myself back on track.

Sara took me to GBMC. Great experience. Awesome people. I was fortunate to meet Dr Reed Riley...a cardiologist. Since that time, I've had an ECHO of my heart (which checked out just fine; I believe Dr Riley said Perfect!) and I've been outfitted with an event monitor, should this occur again. Fun schtuff. I'm also scheduled for an appointment with a heart rhythm specialist. I never could have imagined this would be happening to me. Pretty crazy to say the least.

I feel like I'm in really good hands now. It's been reiterated that this is not a life threatening condition...but rather an annoyance & disruption to every day life. My heart occasionally miss-fires or hiccups. It's possible that one occurrence may counterbalance/correct the other. So maybe I'm all set. Who knows at this point. Dr Riley hopes it happens again so I can record it. I hope that it doesn't :) Either way, I know that I can go on and enjoy my life without restriction.

It's been a tiring few days for everyone around me. Hopefully things will quiet down for the 4th :) No weddings this weekend. Our neighbor's twin boys are being baptized on I'll be providing some complimentary photo coverage. Outside of that, a low key holiday weekend with Sara, Mady, my in-laws and rents. Steamed crabs are on the menu :)

I love you Sara. Thanks for taking care of me.

Life of the party!


RucknRun said...

Man, it is good to hear you are ok. I hope the docs figure this out soon!


SBWaire said...

I must say, you look awfully cute in the hospital gown. I've had enough of the hospital food. Let's stick to meals at home :) Love you!

watson said...

This story is nuts. Glad to hear you are okay. Sounds like an event that puts things into perspective about what is really important. You first mentioned your wife and Mom having lunch, and then you worried about your camera! Uh.....cameras are not really that important. Losing a camera would be like loosing an expensive hammer. They are just tools.

Take care and keep shooting