Friday, July 18, 2008

Mid July - Weekend is Upon Us

July has been pretty crazy. Fortunately, I've been feeling better lately...which is breath of fresh air. I'm headed for a stress today to see if I can tax this ole body of mine. Hopefully all will check out just fine.

I've been doing a lot of photo editing from weddings over the past several weeks. Should have a new blog entry soon on that front. Sara has been engrossed in home projects -- prepping our front door for paint and tearing up the 1st floor powder room. The projects are endless :)

We're headed to Chicago this Sunday. Similar to our Miami trip, Sara has a seminar and Mady and I are going along for the ride (or should I say flight). We are really excited to check out the city. Sara has a few places scoped out for us to visit. I'm looking forward to the photo ops and the chance to get away and relax for a few days. We'll be back to reality on Wednesday.

Mady's 1st birthday is coming up on 30Aug08. So hard to believe. Sometimes I still feel like we found this really cool kid and decided to keep her. Unreal to know we made her. Still. Her smile can't be beat and her hugs....oh, her hugs....well let's just say they make her Daddy's heart beat strong. She's on the verge of walking unassisted -- she takes the 3 and 4 step adventure from where she was leaning to our arms. Laughs. Does it again. When she crawls...she's like a crab; motoring like you wouldn't believe -- irritates the cats and also serves as a fairly decent lint brush (for the oodles of pet hair floating around on the floor -- thanks Henry!).

Good times. Very good times indeed!

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