Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Follow Up

Yesterday, Sara joined me for a follow up appointment with my regular doctor . He confirmed the hospital's diagnosis of Tachycardia and provided an optimistic outlook. This event was a miss-fire in my body's electrical system. It's possible that it could happen -- no guarantees on that part. But it also may never happen again. Sorta the odds with most things in life, huh?

He explained that he had several young patients (guess that was a compliment to me) that have experienced this. It's not life threatening in most cases... although I can tell you from experience that it definitely feels like the end is near. In some instances, patients experience this enough that they opt for surgery. They use a laser to zap the area of the heart which is miss-firing. In my case, the doc explained that would be putting the cart before the horse.

I'm happy in general. I don't like the idea that this could happen again...but I feel good knowing that there are things that I can do in the event that it does occur. I've been told to hold my breath and bear down guessed it...I'm taking a #2. That puts pressure on the cavity and is essentially a "reset" button for the heart. I'll let you know how that goes should it happen again :) I have my fingers crossed on that front.

So as my previous post goes on. New weddings are being booked. My little girl is continuing to grow like a weed. Sara makes me smile more and more each day. My youngest neice Lauren will be 6 this Sunday. My Dad will be 59 on Monday. My best friend John will be 36. My Mom's lymphoma has regressed. My Dad's mass on his thigh was benign. My cousin Suzy is getting married in August.

The streak of luck continues. This movie I'm in gets better and better. It becomes more meaningful daily.

Life is truly good!

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