Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Well, my first Father's Day has come and gone. It could not have been any better. I really had a great time spending the day with my family. I felt a special kinship with my brother and father... finally joining their ranks. It felt good to share that with them. It's really awesome to be Dad!

We kicked off the morning with the GBMC 5K. Sara, Mady, Anne and I participated. Supporting these causes makes me feel like a better person. Running the race itself makes me feel like a crazy person :) I managed to struggle thru it, pushing Mady along in the jogging stroller. I placed 500. Following the race, the Sheraton Hotel hooked us up with an outstanding breakfast -- it's so easy to put those calories back on:)

Later, we met up with my Tim, Cin & the kids...along with Mom & Padonia Swim Club. Tim found the perfect table, nestled under a tree which provided shade the entire day. Schwew! An open tab at the bar (yep..a bar at the pool) kept a smile on my face thru out the afternoon. My niece Erin was sporting a new dew...growing up so fast before my eyes. This girl can really swim. It's amazing. Lauren was happy to cozy up on her Hannah Montana sleeping bag....which my Mom surprised her with. Dad, as usual, manned the grill. Mady surprised us all by standing unassisted for about 15 seconds straight.

We finished up the evening at James Joyce. We met up with Bory, Anne, Synath and a few pints of Guinness. beverage of choice. A shot of Jameson to top off our dinner and I was good to go. Well, not entirely. A final pint back at the house sealed the nail on my coffin. 11PM...I was snoring away. What a great Father's Day!

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SBWaire said...

Oye. Looking at those last pictures, I'm regretting my idea to bust out my Halloween costume!

Glad you enjoyed your first Father's Day. I couldn't do it without you. You rock as a husband, father, friend, and Cata-grapher ;)