Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Heavy Breather

Yep...that's me on the other line. It's not a crank call, just me gasping for air after my 3 mile run last night. The training has begun.

I ran with Mady last night, navigating the tree-lined streets of Stoneleigh with our Bob stroller. I figured it would be good training for Sunday (Father's Day)....when Sara, Mady and I plan to participate in a 5K to benefit the GBMC NICU ( http://www.gbmc.org/foundation/5k/index.cfm ). It kicks off at the Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel in Towson ( http://www.sheratonbaltimorenorth.com/ ). It's a great cause for an awesome hospital. Mady was born there....so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Sara and Anne (my brother-inlaw's wife to be) trekked the same route shortly after me. Their exhausted faces mirrored the one I wore just an hour before :) We're such the healthy family. Trying anyway.

I feel good today. Much better than I anticipated. I have never heeded the warnings about stretching....always preferring to take a brisk walk as my warm up. I'm hopeful my aging body won't let me down and allow me to continue to do so. Stretching sucks.

Last night I thought I would run every other day. Today I'm feeling like I'm going roll the dice and go for 2 days in a row. I'm such a rebel.

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