Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mass Transit

In a true "sign of the times" sorta way, I took the bus into work today. I'm having a hard time filling up our gas-guzzling Chevy Suburban for $133, when I can take the bus for $3.20 round-trip. It was an eye opening experience.

We all live in our own little bubbles -- traveling familiar paths, running into the same people, following the daily script. I stepped outside of mine today and saw parts of the city and people that I never knew existed. Well, that's probably a lie -- I knew they were there in the back of my mind -- I was just lacking the exposure, living in my own blind little world.

Tired faces. Kind faces. Some scary, some sad, some warmer than I've ever seen. Boarded up housing. Trash. More boarded up houses. People living on the streets. 15 minutes from my home. It's ashame that more can't be done to rehabilitate these areas. So much wasted real estate...begging for an occupant. In times of need, it's so hard to see these resources crumbling away. Eye sores..tucked away from the marketing campaigns which promote Baltimore tourism.

I may be able to help. Perhaps my camera can shed some light on these areas -- capture these "found" resources and expose them to more people. People who might choose to invest. People who might choose to clean-up. People who might choose to buy a home and exhibit pride in their neighborhood. It's worth a shot.

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SBWaire said...

You took the bus????? You didn't tell me that!