Thursday, June 19, 2008

Make It Stop!

For the past several days my right, lower eye lid has been twitching. Like most people, I prescribe to the self diagnosis route ... jumping on the Internet to "find" what's plaguing me. Not good. Not good at all. It never is, is it?

Like a horoscope (and my current state of mind), I can read into this in so many ways --it can be caused by just about anything! From simple things like fatigue, stress, too much caffeine and vitamin far scarier things like neurological disease, early Parkinson's and Alzheimer' even Luck for Pete's sake. This frustrating pulsating is soooo far from being lucky.

I guess I'll chalk this up to fatigue. Eye strain from a life behind the PC. Yeh...that sounds good in my head. Prescription: 2 Guinness. I will begin this regime immediately.

1 comment:

SBWaire said...

Your mother in law would tell you to buy a lottery ticket and skip the Irish breakfast.