Friday, June 6, 2008


Sara and I met up yesterday for Mady's 9 month pediatrician appointment. She is doing so well. It's unbelievable. For the specifics, check out Sara's blog at -- she's a proud hard to tell :) Mady and I are both lucky to have her.

It's really amazing to see this kid grow. It's even more amazing to think that I played a role in it. Every day, we're filled with smiles as we watch her discover and navigate the world around her. It's surreal to be a parent. I've become Dad...which is still hard to believe it. Most days I don't feel like it...after all, that's my father's role, right? I'm not him. Or am I? Cue the music...

Mady's growth reminds me that I'm growing as well....older! It's funny how life makes you think about death. Well, it does for me anyway. I've already provided Sara with a brief overview for my Irish Wake -- a celebration of my life. Guinness of course. Shots of Black Bushmills (similar to the scene in PS I Love You...with Jameson). Oh..and a little Flogging Molly playing in the background. Enough of the morbid schtuff for now :)

I have often struggled thru-out my life to find what makes me tick. What ulitmately defines me? What is my role? Like most people, I've always associated that with a career. Who wouldn't? It's where we spend a majority of our waking hours.

After Mady's birth, the truth revealed itself. My simple, yet powerful role, is to provide.

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