Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bless You!

To say it or not to say it….that is the question. This topic has sprung up several times around the gathering table…usually after a few beverages. My brother-in-law will say, "Hold your breath". He's of the mindset that saying it puts the obligation on him to say thank you. He didn't ask for the response, nor expect it, so don't bother. Additionally, he usually rattles off sneezes in twos, which ultimately solicits the dreaded double response.

I'm not religious. I never say GOD Bless You. Somehow, someway, I've been conditioned to respond immediately after someone sneezes. I guess it's to be polite more than anything….acknowledging the event. In my head, it's the nice thing to do. Not saying it, might make me out to be someone who is uncaring.

Here is Wikipedia's take.

So what say you good people? Do you say Bless You? GOD Bless You? Ga-Zoon-Tight? What's your reasoning? Is there any….or have you been conditioned like me? Do you expect people to bless you? Are you pissed if they don't? Do you even care?

I feel a sneeze coming on…..


Bory Buth said...

In a public forum or work environment will say "bless you" to anyone who dare sneezes in my presence on the basis of social politeness. Although, I do tend to wait for someone else to say it first so I can save my breath. It would bother me if people were offended by not receiving the obligatory “bless you” in response to their sneeze. Grow up. In fact, the person that sneezes should say “I’m sorry” for spreading germs all over the freaking place. Yeah I said it. Git some!

SBWaire said...

"It's socially recommended." A Republican must've come up with the idea :)

Jess said...

ok i have to say, i have become passive aggressive to people that do not say "bless you." I purposely will not bless them when they sneeze because they didnt bless me when i sneezed!
although, i have to REALLY hold back since it's so ingrained in me when i hear a sneeze to say it.

SBWaire said...

We've been conditioned to do lots of things...Asking someone how they are is another "condition." I can't stand when someone sees me and asks me how I'm doing out of social obligation. And I know it's out of obligation because when I respond with good, how are you, they don't respond. So do you really care how I'm doing?

A plain "Yo" would suit me just fine thanks.

John said...

I'm partial to Sup! Or....whazzzzz up? But yeh, agreed, it happens way too often with so many things. It's the silence that gets some people. They can't hack it.

Reminds me of Pulp Fiction.

Don't you hate that?


Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?

I don't know.

That's when you know you found somebody special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute, and comfortably share silence.

SBWaire said...

Yes. I remember when we met I told you that I appreciate comfortable silence. That's how I knew you would be mine :) And I hadn't even seen the movie!

By the way, is it sad that we are communicating via blogger?

Mike T said...

I try to wait until they finish their sneezing episode before I 'Bless them' unless it is Terry here at work because when she sneezes I just out of my seat and scream 'Holy Sh*t!' :D

John said...

I remember her sneezes well. Practically sh*t myself several times.

CaraBee said...

I am not at all religious, but I do often say Bless You in response to a sneeze, even to my daughter, who certainly does not understand. I prefer Gesundheit, which according to Wikipedia is "Good Health." That seams a better response. Btw, if sneezing is a sign that God is answering my prayers then there should be a Ferrari in the driveway by now. Let me go look...nope, guess that one's not true.

John said...

So that's where that Ferrari came from. Thanks...must have mistaken our driveway for yours :)