Friday, September 26, 2008

New Blog Name

Batten down the hatches. Hold on to your hats. My blog will be changing it's lack-luster name in the near future. The URL will remain the same to secure the few followers that I have. I'm all about keeping things simple. But honestly....John Waire Photography is just NOT cutting the mustard! Didn't someone once's all in a name?

This is my attempt to bring a little more exposure to my blog. A feeble attempt...but an attempt nonetheless. I've been racking my brain trying to come up with something catchy. Something that will make people smile. Something people will remember. Who knows...something people may even like and decide to revisit.

In an email conversation with my brother-in-law, it happened. A defining moment. A light bulb turned on. In these crazy times, I uttered a phrase that lives near and dear to my heart. Especially lately.

A drum roll please....

Stay tuned in and please pass along the word to all of your friends, family and unborn children.

A new chapter will begin for.....

Black Bushmills Before Bed

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