Friday, September 12, 2008

Flip the Switch

Since the birth of my daughter, I will forever be a parent. A Dad. A Provider. A Protector.

I imagine my relationship with my daughter will change over the years as she grows….like it or not. It must. My role will remain the same, but from her perspective it should probably change. She will become independent. She will pursue a career. She will (hopefully) find the joy of marriage & family. I will be there to support her along that path in any way that I can.

Difficult as it may be, there will be a time that I will need to recognize my child as an adult. I will need to flip that switch. This is something that I may not want to do….but I will need to.

I will always be her Dad. She will always be my child. But I will need to respect her as an adult. I will need to recognize that she will not need me as she did as a child…but I will always be there anxiously waiting to lend a hand. I will need to refrain from comment or criticism…unless she seeks it. I will need to allow her to live as she chooses….as opposed to what I would want. I will need to respect her time….because it is no longer mine. I will always want to see her…but will respect when I can not. She will forever be my baby.

I love you Mady. I promise I will give that to you. You have my word. Outside of my love, it will probably be the biggest thing that I could possibly ever provide.

I'll be here for you always.


SBWaire said...


In about 7 years she'll say, I can't believe you wrote that Dad. And then when we're old and gray, she might one day appreciate that.

John said...

I'm still wondering if I wrote this as "parent" or "child" or that funny blended role that I find myself in.