Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I recently provided a list of references to a potential client. I was blown away by the stamp of approval given by Morgan (a recent bride). Yes..I do believe I'm blushing. Thanks so much Morgan!

With her approval, here are the details....

"I honestly cannot say enough good things about John. He was the best vendor I had and all my bridesmaids swear they are going to hire him as well! (Even my 11 year old stepdaughter says that she is going to use him!)

From the time I first contacted him he was always easy to get in touch with. Email, phone calls, even snail mail- was no problem. I don't know if you have met him yet, but he is a fab guy too. He had a beautiful little family and he really makes you feel comfortable and easy to be yourself around. His wife served mimosas and homemade cookies (which my mother and stepdaughter devoured!) and they let my grandmother play with their little daughter throughout our initial meeting. It was a great change from the other photographers I met with who all took themselves entirely too seriously. I left the meeting knowing that "he's the one" and felt that I finally found a photographer who "got me". The best thing is that as an actual photographer John is amazing. My husband hates taking pictures and even he was enjoying himself. The photos we just got back were so incredible I cannot even explain to you. He really captured the essence of our day, even all the little details. He has an artists eye, which is something entirely different than someone who just takes the pictures. Our guests kept telling us that "he was great, he was everywhere at once!"... it was amazing because half the time I didn't even see him, yet its evident in the photos that he was with me every step of the way. What was nice too is that he was so accommodating, really just concerned that everything was perfect for us. When we were waiting to get drinks from the wait staff he was offering to go get us them or anything else we needed. He ran to tell our DJ something for us... we were so touched that he went so far beyond what we would have ever expected.

He is passionate about his work and yet you can tell that he is a family man at heart. It was so nice to see him interacting with my grandmother and mother before hand because he really cares genuinely about relationships like that. You get the feeling that he is one of those people who really likes people and enjoys capturing the emotion. He seemed as excited about my day as I was. I almost forgot that I was paying him to be there

Anyway, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with John or your photos. You cannot possibly go wrong when you hire someone who takes so much pride in their work as he does. If there is such thing as a calling, John has found his.
Good luck and Congratulations!

Morgan Wollschlager

P.S.- I have attached a few of my favorite photos in case you are interested. My wedding was 8/23/08

That endorsement is freaking awesome!


SBWaire said...

and props to me for the mimosas and cookies!

John said...

couldn't do it without you!

Michael said...

Great review, sounds like you are building some good foundations to your future. Seems like you have nailed the hardest thing to do and that is to capture the moment without anyone noticing that you were there.