Friday, October 10, 2008

Hold On...

These are crazy times we are living in. Historical on so many fronts. Watching the news from the comfort of my home provides me with a very detached, spectator-like view of current events. Insulation from the chill. Control. Mute -- instant quiet from the "noise". Channel -- the luxury of tuning out the rhetoric. One look at the 30% loss in my 401k provides a reality check that is truly tough to swallow.

Coming to terms with this crisis is not easy. When times are good no one questions why. No need for Plan B. When times are bad, like a light switched on in a dark warehouse, the rats scatter. The aftermath is silencing. Your eyes adjust and what's not quite what you envisioned.

It's times like these that those funny little things that our parents, grandparents and great grandparents used to say (and do) seem wiser than the day is long. SAVE. Spend wisely. What do you need that for? It's soooo expensive. Back in my day....

I'm chuckling. There will be a day in the future. Sara and I will be gray and wrinkled. Our words of wisdom will echo those of the past because of events of today. No doubt, our advice will be watered down and shrugged away. Good times will come again and the cycle of prosperity (real or perceived) with it. The cycle will repeat.

The roller coaster of life continues on. Hold on and enjoy the ride.

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SBWaire said...

Crazy times indeed. I think about the books that I learned history from as a kid in school. Will be odd when Mady comes home from school one day and her books will have events we lived through. And we'll say, oh yes your Mom was there that day or your Father lost 30% of his retirement savings then. I will feel old. You will feel older :)