Monday, January 5, 2009 odd year...

...brings even results. at a 50th wedding anniversary celebration yesterday...we realized just how significant 2009 will be. check it out.

wedding anniversaries:

  • my aunt mae & uncle fred - 50th
  • my mom & dad - 40th


  • my aunt mae - 70
  • my uncle fred - 70
  • my couisin steve - 50
  • steve's dad - 90
  • my dad - 60
  • my bro tim - 40
  • my niece erin - 10

...and last but not beautiful wife sara will be celebrating her 30th. good times ahead!


Sara said...

concho you are going to get it. i told you not to make anyone else aware of that.

john said...

...even if i wear my stretchy pants?

CaraBee said...

Wow, 9s are big years for the Waire clan!

sheila said...

Wow, that's pretty sweet! Sara will loooove 30! (from what I can remember anyhow - ha ha)It's a good age!

Jenny said...

Me too Sara! At least you are in good company. :) When's the big day? I plan to leave my 20's very very drunk.