Tuesday, January 20, 2009

calling all website designers...

…hey you! yeh…you with the creative knack for producing nifty (yeh I said it)…..nifty….blow-your-socks-off…website designs. have I got a job for you.

i’m in the market for a new website. why? it’s such a long, ugly story that I’d hate to bore you to tears. bottom line…the current customer service I’m getting sucks beyond belief. i have no hair – not because i shave it…but rather because i’ve plucked every last hair from my dome in utter frustration. note to self…any vendor that doesn't actually provide a contact phone number is trouble. T R O U B L E.

my current domain: johnwaire.com

my current host: blu domain

my current design: template from blu domain

please check it out here. I know…it needs updated content. sara has been reminding me daily :) it's on the list.

the template has really served me well. i still like it, but i’ve been told by blu that it’s not compatible with my new host network solutions….which rocks by the way. i still haven’t been given clarification as to why. hence…MORE frustration.

what do I need? your rocking creativity and design skills to produce….

the end product of all end products: a site that people talk about that’s clean & different

there are 2 key elements:

  • must be photo-centric
  • (probably the deal breaker)…has to be easy for joe-blow photog (ME) to update

what’s in it for you? fortune and fame of course. naturally you’ll be paid…plus I’m all about plugging people/services that go above and beyond

leave a comment, send me an email (info@johnwairephoto.com) or call me directly (410.830.9508) if you’re interested or have any recommendations. please feel free to share this with anyone that you think is up for the challenge.

thanks so much!

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