Wednesday, January 21, 2009

liu + brian...

the cold, overcast december day could not penetrate the warmth within those walls. liu's nervous pacing reminded me just how in love with brian she truly is. she was so worried about tripping over her dress....which, by the way...never happened. it was perfect. the couple left a heartfelt video message to liu's parents (who were in china and could not attend)...which had me fighting to hold back the tears. wow! it was incredibly emotional.

i was really excited to team up with videographer, david morley. he shot both the baltimore and utica weddings for sara and i. AWESOME guy. AMAZINGLY talented. i'm usually a nervous wreck on the day of the wedding...but having him there really let me settle into my groove much earlier in the day. btw david, thanks for the coffee and donuts from fractured prune!

liu & brian, i feel really privileged to have been asked to document your day. your kindness was amazing. i felt so welcomed. best of luck to the both of you. great times definitely await you.

location: piney branch golf club
music: new legacy jazz band
coordination: butterfly weddings & events
videographer: david morley

view the entire gallery HERE.


Sara said...

What great couple. It's so evident from the photos that they have so much love for each other. Congrats Brian & Liu!

Awesome job (again) John (sweetie).

Navy Sou said...

Great job, John! I love how you post LOTS of photos!!!