Monday, January 19, 2009

daily dose o'mady

fun in the snow with mady & friends...


Sara said...

I should note that REI was having a winter clearance. There were only a few items to choose from. Hence, our child does not match.

But anyways...House looks so pretty in the snow...and I had fun throwing snowballs at the kids. Bring it on boys.

john said...

i love our house.

you single-handedly beat the boys. glad i was carrying the camera :)

Michael said...

Wow, you guys did get some good snow there. We BARELY got a dusting here. Josie wanted to go for a walk in the snow at Amanda's grandmothers but didn't have her snow boots. When she got home here she was confused because we had no snow!!

I agree too, house looks great with the something you would see in a Thomas Kinkade painting.

john said...

is it the house itself...or just the awesome photography :)

kidding of course.

hope you are well michael.